The BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES (BAPSC) works to promote the interests and regulate the activities of UK linked firms that provide armed defensive security services in countries outside the UK.


The BAPSC aims to raise the standards of operation of its members and this emergent industry and ensure compliance with the rules and principles of international humanitarian law and human rights standards.

As the need for armed security grows the BAPSC and its members recognise that their objectives will best be achieved through effective self regulation in partnership with the UK Government and International Organisations.


  • The promotion of transparent relations with UK government departments and international organisations.
  • The promotion of UK values and interests and compliance with the laws of countries in which its members operate.
  • The provision of guidance on the substance and requirements of international statutes.
  • Understanding the need to balance the provision of security services with the legitimate concerns of those affected by the delivery of those services.

Aware that there is a need for internationally recognised standards of governance for the international operations of PSCs, BAPSC is working to ensure best practice in the standards of operation of its members

Annual Conference 2011 - details to follow